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Welcome to Brisbane & Gold Coast Family Lawyers & Mediation Services

We are Brisbane and Gold Coast family lawyers specialising in family law and provide our clients with not only advice but options for resolution of property settlement, divorce, custody matters, parenting issues, domestic violence and child support issues. The Family Courts have their roles to play in our legal system but at Family Lawyers & Mediation Services we understand the effects litigation has on families and whereever possible we will help you resolve your family law issues without going to Court.

Engage us to Appear in the Brisbane Family Court and Federal Circuit Court  -When all avenues of negotiation and other alternative resolution methods have failed or are not appropriate (for example in urgent cases, where children are in danger or where property is being disposed of or dealt with) we are experienced family court litigation lawyers and have barristers who we can call on to get you the best results in court.  It is important to engage counsel when appropriate as often the outcome of court proceedings, whether interim or final, will have a significant impact on the outcomes you achieve.  Attention to detail and ensuring proper preparation for court and good advocacy are what we offer.

Consent orders and financial agreements are our speciality. Call us first to get the right advice and choose your own path to resolution.

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Why choose us

Our experience and expertise

We have many years of experience in the family law jurisdiction.  You will feel secure in knowing we have the knowledge and experience to get the results you want.

Our Focus on Resolution

We won't lead you to court unless the circumstances warrant it.  There are better ways to resolve issues.

Strategic Options

Mediation, collaborative law and negotiation are just some of the options we can implement.

Awareness of Costs

Our experience and approach to resolution leads to costs savings for our clients.

Family Lawyers who offer mediation

We have an experienced mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner on our team. Randal Binnie is a Nationally Accredited Mediator.


What we do